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The mission of the Mati Sipiora brand is to break monochromatic interiors with bold finishes and forms.



Its design can definitely be classified as playful and It also reflects the 1980s and the history of the Memphis trend. The style of these years is very present in Mati's inspirations, not only in the products themselves, but in the entire style of the brand. The retrofuturistic style, visible in films (especially Sci-Fi) from that era, strongly defined the brand's personality. As Mati himself says: “Interiors can be colorful, not monochromatic, and full of intriguing, artistic objects. I love weird design, weird sci-fi movies, and weird art. I believe this creates tension and a bond between the observer and the observed. I decided to create objects in the same way, using bold colors and bold forms. This is how my design is created, a design called Retrofuturistic by Mati Sipiora.


It all started with the Spektra chair, the first piece of furniture in the collection. It was this piece of furniture that attracted the attention of not only the Polish design community. Mati received messages on Instagram, with a very encouraging tone, to create new designs, from people related to design from all over Europe. 

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