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Pixel Bottle Opener

Pixel Bottle Opener

Infused with a playful and fun spirit, the Pixel Bottle Opener draws inspiration from the sleek design of "The Pixel" shelf. This modern accessory effortlessly blends style withfunctionality, adding a touch of whimsy to your space. With its minimalist charm and seamless operation, popping open anybottle cap becomes a delightful experience. Complete with adedicated case for convenient storage, the Pixel Bottle Opener is not just a tool but a playful addition to your everyday life. Step into a cosmic world of opening possibilities where fun meets functionality with the Pixel Bottle Opener.

Type: Bottle Opener
Origin: Made in Czepino
Dimensions: W6,5 x D 0.5 x H9,5 CM
Weight: 100 g
Materials: Steel 
Finishes: Painted

    VAT Included

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