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Pixel Shelf

Pixel Shelf

Introducing Pixel Shelf: a truly unique and whimsical addition toany space. Crafted with precision from steel, this extraordinary piece exudes the essence of a sci-fi character, yet with aninviting charm that defies intimidation. Its design, reminiscent of a pixel, captures the essence of digital artistry while seamlessly blending into any environment. The conspicuous orbs atop the shelf serve as a playful reminder that Pixel Shelf is more than just furniture — it's a companion, eager to engageand interact. Dynamic and versatile, the adjustable width of theshelves pays homage to the timeless allure of the Memphis style, infusing a sense of movement and energy into your surroundings. Pixel Shelf isn't merely a place to store your belongings — it's a conversation starter, a piece of art with analien soul that observes and invites connection. Step into theworld of Pixel Shelf and discover a new dimension where functionality meets imagination.

Type: Shelf
Origin: Made in Czepino
Dimensions: D42xW94xH172 CM
Weight: 35 kg
Materials: Steel 
Finishes: Painted 

    1 560,00€Price
    VAT Included

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