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Podium Candle Holder

Podium Candle Holder

Behold the Podium Candle Holder, a fusion of functionality andrhythm. Crafted from powder-coated steel, its design payshomage to urban architecture and brutalist aesthetics. Inspiredby the iconic Metropolis Console, it embraces contemporary geometric shapes. The mesmerizing mesh pattern casts captivating shadows and intriguing patterns from every angle, inviting exploration. Mati's vibrant color palette— blue, red, yellow, green, black, lilac, turquoise, white, and rose — infuses each piece with joy andpoetry, creating a harmonious balance of form and color that speaks to the soul. Cast a glow of futurism with the Podium Candle Holder, illuminating your space in style.

Type: Candle Holder
Origin: Made in Czepino
Dimensions: W24 x D7 x H11 CM
Weight: 800 g
Materials: Steel 
Finishes: Painted

    VAT Included

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