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Poodle Shelf

Poodle Shelf

Introducing our Poodle Shelf – a fusion of elegance and utilitythat redefines home decor. Inspired by the graceful contoursand refined aesthetics of our cherished canine companions,this shelf is a testament to both style and functionality. Craftedwith precision from robust steel, the Poodle Shelf guaranteesdurability and stability, promising to stand the test of time inany space. But beyond its practicality lies its whimsical charm –the playful homage to the poodle injects a sense of delight intoevery corner it graces. Whether you're exhibiting your favoriteliterary treasures, showcasing decorative accents, or organizingeveryday essentials, the Poodle Shelf effortlessly blends intoany room, elevating it into a sanctuary of contemporary chic.It's not merely furniture; it's a statement piece that breathes lifeinto your living space.

Type: Shelf
Origin: Made in Czepino
Dimensions: D35xW45xH120 CM
Weight: 20 kg
Materials: Steel or Stainless Steel
Finishes: Painted or Polished Stainless Steel

    1 100,00€Price
    VAT Included

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